Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

In 1998-2004 I studied Computer Science and Engineering on the CTU FEE (the diploma).
My average grade was 1.28. Courses related to IT follow:
TermCodeCourse TopicGradeProject workDownload
1.36VB1Intr. to Computers and Programming 1BPascal-Roof solver
2.36VB2Intr. to Computers and Programming 2BPascal1Sharp EL-5120 Emulator
4.36PTProgramming TechniquesBasic algorithms, such as sorting1
4.36UPSIntroduction to Computer SystemsBasics of log. circuit architecture1Assembler driven (21 kB)
5.36DBSDatabase SystemsSQL, Oracle Forms1Spa Sanatorium DB (156 kB)
5.36LSLogic SystemsDesign of sync. and async. systems1Logical sync. sequence circuit (123 kB)
5.36NLPDesign of Computer LogicArithmetic circuit design and codes1Microprogramming of an educ. (33 kB)
5.36SOJMachine Oriented LanguagesAssembler of x861A few x86 assembler (119 kB)
5.36TITheoretical Computer ScienceGraph theory and algorithms1A second power of a (11 kB)
5.36UNXThe UNIX Operating SystemHP Unix, shell1Unix system booting and (35 kB)
6.01TEXTex Typesetting SystemTeX-Limited TeX Distribution for (4518 kB)
6.36APSArchitecture of Computer SystemsComputer systems history2DLX, M88110 III memory (2215 kB)
6.36CPPThe C++ Programming LanguageC++1Garmin GPS serial protocol (19 kB)
6.36JPRLanguages and TranslationsLL grammars and translations1
6.36OSYOperating SystemsArchitecture of an OS, Unix, VMS2Unix and VMS (23 kB)
6.36SISoftware EngineeringProject organisation of SW Design2iMENZA - a canteen IT (444 kB)
7.36DSYDistributed SystemsNetwork basics, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP1TCP, Java (152 kB)
7.36PJProgramming LanguagesCompilers, language structure1C++ unused function & variable (138 kB)
7.36PJWJAVA and WWW ProgrammingJava1Distributed (310 kB)
7.36ZPGComputer GraphicsOpenGL1DEM (4146 kB)
8.36DB2Database Systems 2DB Theory1
8.36OBPObject Oriented ProgrammingSmalltalk1Distributed (2646 kB)
8.36PAAProblems and AlgorithmsCombination problems, solutions1Travelling salesman (1703 kB)
8.36PZPeripheral DevicesISA, PCI, SCSI, computer accessories1Laboratory (11719 kB)
8.36SIMSimulationDiscrete systems simulation, VHDL1VHDL (14 kB)
9.36JUIArtificial Intelligence LanguagesLisp, Prolog1A maze (225 kB)
9.36PARParallel Systems and AlgorithmsParallel systems, communication1A triangle (164 kB)
9.36TISTextual Information SystemsSearch, compression algorithms1
9.36TPRDesign of compilersLR grammars and translations1
9.36VPSSelected Topics from Operat. SystemsLinux administration1Linux kernel (4 kB)
10.33ZUIFoundations of Artificial IntelligenceProlog1Knight Moves (3 kB)
10.36ALGComputer Graphics Algorithms2D grafika1A vector graphics (4395 kB)
10.36LOSLocal Area NetworksEthernet, ATM, etc., TCP/IP1TCP stream capturing, POP3, (12 kB)
10.36MUSMultim. Systems and Virtual RealityVRML1A Lego (818 kB)
10.36NURUser Interface DesignPrinciples of UI design1Platform-independent UI (627 kB)
10.36SQLThe SQL LanguagePL/SQL1Spa sanatorium DB model with (63 kB)
11.36NANNeural networksSimulation of neural networks-Shape classification, Eye-moves (1344 kB)
11.36VIZVisualization3D graphics, 3D Studio1VHCE - Prague's Old Town Hall tower topochoz.avi (5054 kB)
11.36DPDiploma ThesisC++, PalmOS, SMB2Implem. of the SMB protocol for PalmOS