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Limited TeX Distribution for EPOC32

Oto Válek

project work within a "Tex typesetting system" subject at CTU FEL, Prague
summer term, 2000/2001

1. Description

Distribution is based on the web2c-7.3.3 package, using kpathsea library version 3.3.3.
Developed using EPOC Release 5 C++ SDK for Windows NT.

2. Features

Support for plain format.
Should cover all necessary operations for creating PS files.
Support for czech language encoding (ISO-8859-2) and csplain format.
Capable of creating .fmt and .base files.
Pseudo-automatic generating of bitmap PK fonts.

3. Limitations

Other formats nor included or tested (LaTeX)
Source files, intermediate and temporary files must reside in application directory.
TeX fails trip test (!) - needs \nullfont
Postscript fonts not tested, MF and VF only.
No support for CP-1250 czech encoding, used in EPOC32 (!).
Dvips cannot call font generation (maketexpk) directly. The OPL application runs dvips twice, inspecting missfont.log file.
After generating mf.base file, it must be moved manually to texmf\web2c directory
A key has to be pressed after termination of any program called by the OPL application.
Fonts you may need are probably missing.
There's no application for viewing PS or DVI files on the device.

4. Contents

tex.exe TeX, Version 3.14159
mf.exe METAFONT, Version 2.7182
dvips.exe dvips(k) 5.78 Copyright 1998 Radical Eye Software
makeindex.exe makeindex portable version 2.11 [19-Oct-1991]
gftopk.exe GFtoPK, Version 2.3
pktogf.exe PKtoGF, Version 1.1
pltotf.exe PLtoTF, Version 3.5
tftopl.exe TFtoPL, Version 3.1
eshell.exe EPOC SDK shell
OPL program:
tex simple OPL32 application for invoking command-line programs (requires sysram1.opx)
TEXMF directory with an example set of fonts, formats, etc.:
TEXMF files listed in directory listing
TEXMF directory some pre-generated formats, and bitmap fonts:
TEXMF files listed in directory listing

5. Download

Distribution files: