CertiCon a.s.
Since October 2004 I'm employed by the CertiCon software company in Prague as a SW Engineer.

Projects for Robert Bosch GmbH.

Diagnostics equipment I worked for Bosch, Automotive Aftermarket division, developing software for automotive diagnostics. It included up to 16 weeks per year of an on-site customer support (in Plochingen near Stuttgart), English as a communication language. https://www.certicon.cz/?page_id=209
  1. Engine System Testing FSA (2004-2005)
    • product: automotive engine tester - measuring various parameters of a car engine
    • my task: development of SW modules for various tests - setup, reading and visualizing of variables measured
    • technologies: C# (MS Visual Studio .NET)
  2. Diagnostic customer Database (2004-2005)
    • product: database of car service customers and their cars
    • my task: development of UI dialogs for database queries
    • technologies: C# (MS Visual Studio .NET), SQL (TransBase)
  3. ECU Diagnostics KTS (2005-2006)
    • product: automotive electronic control unit (ECU) tester - errors and diagnostic values readout, tests and reconfiguration
    • my task: development of SW modules for particular control unit models, testing on devices or vehicles
    • technologies: XML, PHP
  4. BDX-Suite (2005-2009)
    • product: interactive editor of an XML-based file format describing diagnostic functions of an ECU
    • my task: UI editor development, data import/export to other related file formats, data validation
    • technologies: Java (Eclipse, RCP, SWT, JAXB, dom4j, ...), XML, XSL, MySQL
  5. SD-as-a-service (2010-2011)
    • product: extending an existing SW application with a socket interface providing access to its services
    • my task: current SW analysis and changes, interface implementation, test client
    • technologies: C++, Java, C#, TCP/IP, JSON, extensive analysis of legacy code
  6. Telediagnostics (2018-2020)
    • product: a control unit performingtelediagnostics and flashing of other ECUs
    • my task: porting of existing project on new HW, Linux distribution configuration, customer changes in SW, bugfixing
    • technologies: C++, lua, CAN, Embedded Linux (Yocto), bitbake, git, Bitbucket, U-Boot

Projects for the Czech Customs Administration

Czech Customs Administration
  1. Systems for consumption tax administration (tobacco and alcohol stamps) (2009-2012)

Telecommunication and networking

4mulcom device
  1. Penetration testing (2011)
  2. 4mulcom project (2012-2013)
    • product: a hardware device with multiple 3G modems, maintaining a VPN connection to the server via independent mobile internet connections
    • my task: design and implementation of a linux VPN server/client daemon, splitting/joining data flow
    • technologies: C++ (Eclipse CDT, gcc), POCO C++ Libraries, TCP/IP, TUN sockets, device-bound sockets
    • http://4mulcomweb.certicon.cz/
    • http://www.cnc.cz/images/pdf/4mulcom.pdf

Project for Ingersoll Rand

an Atmel processor
  1. Control regulation system (2013)
    • product: firmware for the control board of a cooling unit
    • my task: SW architecture design, consultations with the customer, implementation
    • technologies: Atmel ARM, C++ OOP for a microcontroller with no OS, CAN, A/D IO, Eclipse, gcc
    • https://www.certicon.cz/?page_id=1125&lang=en

Projects for Medtronic

an Atmel processor
  1. Medical Device Software (2014-2018)
    • product: firmware for a wireless medical diagnostic device
    • my task: updating existing and development of new firmware projects, business trips to USA
    • technologies: Cortex ARM, C/C++, uCOS-II, Bluetooth, CAN, USB, Keil uVision, helper SW in C#, Python
    • https://www.certicon.cz/?page_id=1099&lang=en