Programs for Sharp EL-5120

Sharp EL-5120 These are programs I wrote for my Sharp EL-5120 between 1994 and 1998. Sharp EL-5120 is an programmable scientific calculator. I'll name its most interesting features : evaluating whole expressions, equation solver (using the Newton's rule), numeric integration and , above all, programming language similar to BASIC.

I have written also an emulator of the programming language, on which you can test all the programs too.

However, all stored expressions, equations, and programs must fit to the 1211 bytes of memory :-(
That's why I tried to write programs not so fast, but as short as possible. You'll never find any comments or useless brackets (what other language allows you to leave out enlosing brackets ?). I use E2 instead of 100, for example, long conditional statements can be replaced by expressions like .5(X+Y+ABS(X-Y) (returns the greater one of two numbers), etc.
In the IF .. GOTO statement, the space before GOTO can be left out, I use it in the listings to make them clearer.

Display is only alphanumeric (3 lines of 14 chars), which is not only a disadvantage. Then the calculator looks quite ordinary, and no one (teachers) wouldn't say it can store 1 KB of expressions ...

I've bought the EL-5120 in 1994 for CZK 1590.00 (about $50). Its successor, an EL-5250, can still be found in sale.