Implementation of the SMB protocol for PalmOS

The goal of this project is to provide a mobile PalmOS user with access to data stored on a SMB server. PalmOS applications use the VFS interface to work with file systems. Although a typical use of the VFS interface is a support for flash memory cards, it can be extended to support more file systems. Therefore, a solution of the project is to implement a SMB protocol client in the form of the VFS library. Such a library has to obey limitations of PDA's hardware, where low memory requirements are a priority. On the other hand, a correct support, including security features, of SMB protocol is expected. The semantic differences, between VFS interface and SMB protocol, are taken into account. The work resulted in the fully functional VFS library, as well as the user control panel.

Realization in 2002-2004 as a diploma thesis (239 kB) on CTU FEE in cooperation with RedGrep, a PalmOS development company.
Technologies used: