BMP Tools

Three utilities to process BMP files - cropping, splitting and joining them. Unlike many other tools like that, they require almost no memory, being useful to process large data files, such as digital maps.
Further, the bmpjoin tool automatically detects digits in image names and determines how to join them - names such as abc01_23.bmp, def45.bmp are accepted.
Written in 2001.
Technologies used:
Usage example:
Usage: bmpcrop input.bmp output.bmp x1 y1 x2 y2
Usage: bmpsplit [-digits N] [-overlap N] in.bmp out_prefix tile_x tile_y
Usage: bmpjoin [-style (0-7)] [-overlap N] input*.bmp output.bmp
bmpcrop total.bmp cropped.bmp 0 15 26 30
bmpsplit total.bmp part 13 15
1part0000.bmp 2part0001.bmp 3part0002.bmp
4part0100.bmp 5part0101.bmp 6part0102.bmp
7part0200.bmp 8part0201.bmp 9part0202.bmp
bmpjoin -style 0 part*.bmp total0.bmp
bmpjoin -style 1 part*.bmp total1.bmp
bmpjoin -style 2 part*.bmp total2.bmp
bmpjoin -style 3 part*.bmp total3.bmp
bmpjoin -style 4 part*.bmp total4.bmp
bmpjoin -style 5 part*.bmp total5.bmp
bmpjoin -style 6 part*.bmp total6.bmp
bmpjoin -style 7 part*.bmp total7.bmp
Style 0total0.bmp Style 1total1.bmp Style 2total2.bmp Style 3total3.bmp Style 4total4.bmp Style 5total5.bmp Style 6total6.bmp Style 7total7.bmp
bmpjoin -overlap 1 part*.bmp overlap.bmp